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Knowledge is not POWER until used, but ignorance is always WEAK!!
Everton 'Swagga' Powell a.k.a. Obi

Disparities in sharing
Below is a short list of the many disparities in the sharing of economic assistance received from donor countries. This list doesn't represent the entire picture but gives an idea of the inequities that trouble the federation of St. Kitts Nevis, which give rise to the call for independence by Nevis.

All For St. Kitts

Note: These were funds donated to the federation of St. Kitts Nevis and which was supposed to be shared equitably between both islands.
Nothing For Nevis
Disaster Relief Funds Donated to St.Kitts and Nevis
$1,000,000 (U.S.)  from the Taiwanese  Government.   The first cheque for half a million dollars is for hurricane relief aid and reconstruction of public infrastructure.  The second cheque for half a million dollars is to help with community projects.  None
$1,000,000 (U.S.) A Christmas gift from the Government and People of the Republic of China (Taiwan) None
$1,000,000 (U.S.) from Taiwan None
$1,845,019 (U.S.) from the Caribbean Development Bank.  Used for repair of homes under the management of St. Kitts-Nevis Development Bank.  None
$159,410  (U.S.) from Cable & Wireless Ltd. None
$36,900  (U.S.) from the  Royal Bank of Canada None
$200,000  (U.S.) from the  Bahamian Government None
$50,000  (U.S.) from Japan to NEMA for tents and blankets None
$30,000  (U.S.) from the International Institute for co-operation in Agriculture None
$20,000  (U.S.)  from the British company De La Rue Currency & Print None
$20,000  (U.S.) from the Shell Oil Company None
$12,150  (U.S.) from Western Union International None
20 tons of relief supplies from the Regeneration Unit of the St Kitts and Nevis Association in Birmingham, England   None
$100,000 (U.S.) from New Zealand for St Kitts and Nevis, the Dominican Republic, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti and Cuba. None
$680,600 (U.S.) from the Department for International Development has been earmarked for hospital projects.   Other donors include the  European Commission Humanitarian Office and the Netherlands Embassy -- Caribbean -- pledged $25,000 (U.S.) to CDERA.      None
$20,000 (U.S.) from The Buddhist Chih-Min Hwei-Hwa Vajra Gurus Education Foundation of the Republic of China  None
$10,000 (U.S.) from the Austrian Red Cross for medical and health supplies. None
$2,300,000 (U.S.) from the IMF in the form of a concessionary loan for economic recovery, relief and rehabilitation None
$3,223,000 (U.S.) from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in the form of a loan.  Used for restoring educational, health and public facilities, for the reconstruction of the medical ward of the Joseph N. France Hospital, and for the rehabilitation of nine schools on the island of St. Kitts. None
$369,000 (U.S.) from the British Government.  Used for rehabilitating the Joseph N France General Hospital   None
$369,000 (U.S.) from the Government of France.  Used for rehabilitation of the Joseph N. France General Hospital.  Of this, $38,724 (U.S.) will be used for new equipment for the Control Tower of the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport and $34,575 (U.S.) will go to the purchase of tools and equipment. None

$  410,000 (U.S.) in services offered by the 823rd U.S. Air Force Red Horse Squadron, personnel from the 96th Civil Affairs Battalion and medical personnel from the U.S. Southern Command. Approximately 100 United States military personnel involved in building multi-purpose community center/sport facility at Newton ground EN HCA Project Newton ground pavilion construction US$50,000  MED HCA Project MEDRETE [medical readiness training exercise] US$10,000 ERC project SSU barracks construction US$120,000.  Implemented by: Atlantic Fleet (LANTFLT), U.S. Southern Air Force (USSOUTHAF), Marine Forces Reserve Detachment (MARFORRES)

Cuban assistance with soil management, pest control et.al. None
Israelis provide assistance with irrigation programme. None
French  Development Bank  provides grant for establishment of  New Terminal Building at Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw International Airport None
Embassy Of The Republic Of China Donates Forty (40) Computers, Printers And Accessories on June 8, 2001. None
Embassy Of The Republic Of China Donates Twenty-Five (25) Computers, Printers And Accessories on October 11th, 2000. None


E.C.24 million dollar fishing complex for East Basseterre (7/11/01)
Social Services
Government of Japan  provides assistance for a New Children’s Home  None
Health Services
South Miami Hospital provides Technical Assistance   None
US$1.7 million from USAID for the construction of the new Children's Ward at the J N France General Hospital. (7/17/01) None
The CDB approved an additional loan of up to US$3.75 million to the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, to assist the Nevis Island Administration in meeting the increased cost of implementing the Road Improvement and Maintenance Project. $3.75 Million
International Military and Education Training – SKN Defense Force 1999  U.S. $28,871 and for 2000 U.S. $19,860 for training course supplied by the U.S. military. None